American Indian Christian Circle of Lake County

Home Page- Mission Statement

Share the message of God’s grace and salvation with people of all colors and nations.

 Offer a form of worship that is unique to Native people.

 Preserve the traditions of the Native people of the Americas.

 Bridge the spiritual tradition of the Native American and the Anglo worship of Christ.

 This is an American Indian Christian Circle that worships the Creator not creation.

 To know where we are going, we must know who we are.

 To know who we are, we must understand where we came from.

 To understand where we came from, we will have to open our hearts.

 God gives us the free will to make plans to increase His kingdom, if we are in His will,

 He will place our steps.

 We cannot expect people to look for a friend in Jesus unless they can see a friend when they look at us as followers of Christ.

FUMC Agape House, 950 7th Street, Clermont, FL 34711



First United Methodist Church of Clermont has extended an invitation to us for the use of the Agape House. Please come and join us on the 3rd Sunday evening of the month. We have a meal and fellowship at 4 PM followed by Services at 5:30, ending with drumming and dancing in Worship to our Creator.